Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Where-I-Live-Odell-Staggers-ebook/dp/B08B2QT79Q

Where I Live: Pal is about a vivacious and curious kid name Oscar who is very observant about the environment in which he lives. He notices more than he says, which often leaves him with a plethora of questions for his parents and elderly grandad about how society views different people. He questions why people would be treated differently since he has been taught that everyone is the same, especially in the eyes of God. Therefore, the notion of inequality due to skin color confuses him, which is likely one of the reasons that Grandad wants to teach his grandson that the world is not a fair and equal place. Consequently, the theme of equality and prejudice is evident throughout Oscar’s questions and the story. Oscar and his grandad become the best of pals as Oscar learns about life and especially about justice and equality in America.


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