Jessica’s best friend betrays her. But this does not stop Jessica, who still cares deeply for her, from secretly trying to save her estranged friend, who has decided to journey down a wrong path in life. Jessica’s Dilemma is a book series.

Jessica and Taylor are having the time of their lives as friends. Everyone at school thinks they are twins. When Jessica introduces Taylor to her mom, she is shocked by the resemblance. Although Jessica’s mom meets Taylor’s mom, she still believes something is not right. She begins to question her husband about the other child that was left with his estranged wife a few months after birth when they divorced ten years ago. He can’t remember the details of ten years ago other than the other child had a unique birthmark.


Taylor is a very vibrant and spirited student. She is popular and commands the attention of her classmates. Her world begins to unravel when reality sits in about the thought of losing her sickly mother. Jessica, her best friend, consoles Taylor, something which strengthens their bond and draws their families closer, and beyond their wildest imaginations.


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